Welcome to the new PALSupport (UK) website.

PALSupport (UK) is pleased to confirm that it offers a complete Customer Support and Aftersales Service for the Veristore Recorders and Recording Systems that were supplied by Precision Applications Limited.  Please contact PALSupport (UK) for any maintenance or upgrade requirements that you may have for your existing Veristore Recording System or if you have a requirement to install a new Voice and Data Recording System at your facility.

PALSupport (UK) will be announcing their all new range of Voice and Radar Recorders during Q3 of 2015.  As with previous generations of Veristore Recorders these have been designed specifically for use in safety critical environments and include many features that have been identified and requested by users since Veristore was launched.

Watch for Press Releases regarding the launch of the latest generation of Veristore Recorders.