Record any data that may be needed immediately or in the future from multiple data sources

Veristore recording systems comply in full with all of the latest recording regulations and are individually configured to your specific requirements

  • The heart of each Recording System is a Veristore recorder, designed specifically for these applications and not a modified ‘call centre’ recorder using COTS PC technology.
  • Each Data Source is interfaced directly to the system ensuring the highest levels of security and accessibility when it is replayed.
  • Fully redundant (duplicate) recording of voice channels ensures that the important information is always there at your fingertips.
  • All of the recorded data is available for replay within a second of it happening or at any time in the future.
  • Secure access to the recorded data is controlled by passwords.
  • Identification of the data to be replayed is via a simple-to-use GUI based on the Windows.NET framework.
  • When replayed, the data from all of the data sources is in perfect synchronism and shows exactly what was available to the Controller at the time of the event being analysed.
  • The audio data is replayed through either loudspeakers or a headset using the Audio Unit.
  • Analysis tools are available within the Veristore Replay Software, for example:
    • Spoken Time with the time information being extracted from the recorded data block.
    • Skip Silences: only audible passages will be heard, periods of silence will be ‘skipped’.
    • Loop Replay: selected passages of data may be replayed as normal and then repeated.
  • Analysis tools are available within the Veristore Radar Player Software, for example:
    • Highlighting of a single aircraft, other aircraft will be ‘greyed out’.
    • Separation between two selected aircraft can be monitored and displayed.
    • Altitude limits can be applied, aircraft outside these limits will not be displayed.
    • Barometric pressure can be entered and altitudes will be corrected automatically.
    • The tracks of individual aircraft can be exported to a spreadsheet.
    • Data can be exported to a .KML file to produce a 3D display using Google Earth.
    • Tracks of aircraft can be displayed over a specified period of time, ‘Whisker Plots’.
  • When the Screen Capture data is replayed the Controller Screens are displayed exactly as they are captured. A zoom facility is available and specific areas of the screen may be selected and displayed to aid analysis.
  • Individual screenshots, from a replayed sequence may be output in a printable format.
  • Recorded data can be relayed to a remote location if it is needed for the analysis of any incidents or accidents.
  • Truly modular system design allows for easy expansion and/or upgrade when new requirements are identified.
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