Slavery Policy


This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes PALSupport (UK) Ltd slavery and human trafficking statement.

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or any part of our business. We have reviewed existing corporate responsibility and ethics policies and considered whether they already address the issues that are required by the Act and where it has not, have introduced the additional policies and procedural content that is needed. This produced only minor changes to what we consider to be robust and meaningful systems that are compliant to the act and procedures that are well established and understood throughout our organisation.

Our structure and Business

PALSupport (UK) Limited serves a World Wide client base, providing voice and data recording solutions. What we do and details of these services can be found by following the link below:

Due Diligence in assessing modern slavery risks in operations

PALSupport (UK) Design office and manufacturing facility in South Wales, United Kingdom. Manufactures World Class products with an unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability and customer support.

The Company was formed to manufacture IRIG Instrumentation Multi-Track recording heads. It was recognised that the current generation of recorders was not satisfying the needs of the ATC community. The requirements for an ideal Recording System were defined after consultation with NATS and the UK CAA. In 2007 the first Veristore System installed to record Voice and Raw Radar Data. As it stands Veristore is now installed at more than 40 locations, recording: 2000 Independent Voice Channels 130 Raw Radar Data Channels and 180 Screens. In addition, many of our sites are required to have high levels of security clearance with background checks and right to work interviews, therefore the employment of slave labour in these scenarios is highly unlikely.

Our Supply Chain.

Our supply chain is primarily customer driven based around materials, precision engineering parts and components with the bulk of the monetary value being in raw materials sourced in the UK. As a UK service provider, there are few major suppliers that are not also based in the UK.

Due Diligence in assessing modern slavery risk in the supply chain.

In assessing the risks relating to being involved in modern slavery in our supply chain we looked at all aspects of our operations including:

Sub contracted goods and services

Raw Materials

Consumables and Off the Shelf products.

It was defined that the heaviest spend was with raw materials and COTS, In both cases these are very low risk in terms of compliance to The Modern Slavery Act as raw materials are only purchased from customer approved supplier lists being UK and USA based companies with our customer base having similar Anti-Slavery Statements with corporate responsibility charters etc.

To ensure that we require all our supplier’s compliance, all purchase orders placed with any supplier in the entire company have a stipulation to comply with the Modern Anti-Slavery Act making it a breach of contract for non-compliance.

Effectiveness in ensuring Modern Slavery is not present

We make available to all our staff our ethics and Anti-Slavery Policies via individual induction training. We have published, robust system and procedures to investigate both internally and throughout our supply chain any incidents that might be of concern. In addition, we have personnel in suitable positions within PALSupport (UK) to advise in changes to legal obligations in all aspects of ethics and corporate social responsibilities.

Signed on Behalf of PALSupport (UK).

Lee Coles

Director of PALSupport (UK)