Whether your application is land, sea or air based, mobile or static, we can record all of your data.

Why Veristore works for the Military

Recorders designed to be used in harsh environments

  • Straightforward and easy to install in both static and mobile locations
  • Self contained recorders which do not rely on any external software
  • Longer In-service Life guaranteed on account of modular system design.
  • Long MTBF achieved by using high quality components and efficient system design.


  • All recorded data may be ‘live monitored’ without the need for a Replay Station.
  • Once, recorded data cannot be altered, corrupted or deleted.


  • Recorded data may be replayed locally or at a remote location
    • Recorded data from any source is available for replay within one second of being received.
  • The recorded data may be copied to removable media for Remote Replay
    • The copied data file(s) may be replayed on any suitable PC.
    • The copied data file(s) is/are password protected.
  • The recorded data is secured and may be ‘quarantined’.


  • Comprehensive hardware and software alarm system.
    • User configurable options for reporting faults.


  • Access to the System is strictly controlled by User type and Password both of which are set by the System Administrator.


  • Recording system is straightforward to install and commission and is easy to operate.,
  • All of the features are included as standard with each system, there are no ‘optional extras’ or hidden costs.
  • Modular system design that may be easily upgraded without the need to reconfigure any of the existing hardware.
  • Lower ‘cost of ownership’ and longer ‘in service life.