Port Authority

Recording Solutions, which comply with all of the latest IALA and IMO regulations, are configured specifically for this market.

Why Veristore works for Port Authorities

Fully integrated recording and synchronous replay of multiple data sources: voice communications, marine radar, VTS and AIS information, CCTV, etc.

  • Data is recorded 24/7 without the use of either VOX or AGC to ensure that no information is ever lost.
  • 100% redundant recording is offered for all data sources.
  • Information to be replayed is located quickly and easily via a simple to use GUI.
  • Information from all data sources are replayed in total synchronism.
  • Data required for investigation of an incident or accident is secured and ‘quarantined’
  • Comprehensive hardware and software alarm system with user configurable options for reporting faults
  • System security is guaranteed by user level and password access which can be set up by the System Administrator
  • Modular system design that may be easily upgraded without the need to reconfigure any of the existing hardware
  • Lower ‘cost of ownership’ and longer ‘in service life’ than PC based COTS solutions
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