Recorders are robust and designed for use in harsh environments.

Why Veristore works for the Military

Rugged recorders designed to be used in harsh environments making them the perfect choice for military applications.

  • Hardware recorder which does not rely on software or a computer operating system is used for recording audio signals.
  • Data being recorded and the status of the recorder can be live monitored directly from the recorder front panel screen without the need for access to the interface PC.
  • Recording System is easy to install, commission and operate.
  • Recorded data cannot be altered, corrupted or deleted by user error.
  • Recorded data can be copied to removable media for replay at alternative locations.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software alarm system with user configurable options for reporting faults.
  • Ruggedised recorders are offered as standard
  • Hard disk drives in Veristore Recorders are AV mounted to provide maximum resilience against shock and vibration.
  • Long ‘in service’ life is guaranteed by the use of a hardware recorder.
  • Long MTBF achieved by use of high quality components and efficient system design.
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