Our unique approach

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and building excellent relationships with our clients through our in depth and unique processes.



All of the requirements for each individual application will be evaluated in detail and a solution proposed. This will be followed by an offer to demonstrate representative equipment, either at our facility or on your site. We will recommend that a site survey should be carried out if the particular application demands it and questions have to be answered before a definitive solution can be proposed.



All Veristore recording systems are based on standard ‘building blocks’ which are configured to meet individual customer needs. Each system is assembled in accordance with a specific Build Sheet with all stages of the work being carried out as demanded by the Company ISO 9000 Procedures. You will be invited to attend a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) when our thorough in-house test procedures have been completed satisfactorily.



Installation may either be carried out by our fully trained engineers or by yourself, if you so wish. Once installed and commissioned, a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) will be carried out and the system handed over after comprehensive training courses have been presented. However, as far as we are concerned, that is not the end of the story. We are fully committed to supporting the equipment throughout its in-service life, ensuring that we always respond to your requests in a timely fashion with any faults being addressed quickly and efficiently.